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Starting from the ground up, we hope to appeal to the citizens of Atlanta, Ga and throughout the state with bipartisan efforts to debunk the current administration’s efforts to eliminate public school funding, illegal gerrymandering, and the destruction of Obama care…. Our focus is to educate and provide awareness of the tactics that this administration is using that ultimately affects all citizens regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, and political interests. Our hard ask of our participants is to continue the conversation with what they’ve learned from OFA Atlanta with their friends and neighbors and communities and to demand from their congressperson and legislatures or influencers to stop this administration from creating a permanent divide in this country that will ultimately destroy what our Civil Rights predecessors put their lives on the line to accomplish.

OFA Atlanta By The Numbers

  • Men 50% 50%
  • Women 50% 50%
  • Black 70% 70%
  • White 20% 20%
  • Hispanic 10% 10%

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